The Joensuu Laulurinne is a marvellous park area, which is particularly suitable for organisation of major events. One of the most important event of Laulurinne is the rock-festival Ilosaarirock, which has been organised in the area since 1991 and which gathers during one weekend to the Laulurinne area more than 50 000 visitors. Another event, which is traditionally organised in Laulurinne, is the Opening of Finnish Summer, in which 6000 primary school pupils gather to sing together. In addition to this in Laulurinne was organised, for example, the opening concert of the world tour of Nightwish and the agricultural exhibition Farmari in 2015. Circus and travelling funfair are also a familiar sight in Laulurinne in summertime.

Laulurinne is quite an exceptional event area, because it is surrounded by many services supporting the events, such as campsite, restaurants and parking areas. Besides this, the area is located by a lake and the distance to the Joensuu city center is only about one kilometre.

90 000 m2
25 000 hlö