Joensuu's Laulurinne is a wonderful park area that is especially suitable for organizing large events. One of the most significant events held at Laulurinne is Ilosaarirock, which has been held there since 1991 and attracts over 50 000 visitors during the weekend. Another event that has become established in the area is the opening of the Finnish summer, where 6,000 elementary school students gather on Laulurinne to sing. The area has also hosted the opening concert of the Nightwish band's world tour and Farmari agricultural exhibition in 2015. Circus and Tivoli are also a familiar sight in the area during the summer.

Laulurinne is a very exceptional venue, as the area is surrounded by many event support services such as camping, restaurants and car parks. The area is also located by the lake and the distance from the center of Joensuu is only a kilometre.

Map of Laulurinne


Tapahtuma-alueet, Laulurinne


Linnunlahdentie 3, 80110 Joensuu


Area in total 90 000 m2
Laulurinne 40 000 m2
Back area 50 000 m2


15 000 - 30 000 persons

Always determined on an event-by-event basis



Tapahtuma-alue Laulurinne

Events suitable for the venue

  • Different kinds of major events
  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Sports events
  • Summer theatre
  • Markets, Fairs & Exhibitions

Events held on the venue

Tapahtuma-alueet Laulurinne

Tapahtuma-alueet Laulurinne

Special traits of the venue

Tapahtuma-alueet Laulurinne

Notable in use

Tapahtuma-alueet Laulurinne

Surfaces and solid structures

Tapahtuma-alueet Laulurinne

Sanitary spaces and showers

Tapahtumapalvelut Laulurinne

Construction and demolition

Tapahtuma-alueet Laulurinne

Maintenance traffic and parking

Tapahtuma-alueet Laulurinne

Internet connections

Tapahtuma-alueet Laulurinne

Water, electricity and lighting

Tapahtuma-alueet Laulurinne

Transportation and traffic arrangements

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