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The event organizer is responsible for the permits required for the event. In Joensuu, permitting processes run smoothly because co-operation with the authorities is easy. Allow more time for the permit application process, the bigger the event.

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Event permit

An event permit issued by the landowner is required to organize the event. Joensuu event services issues permits for events held in the areas of the city of Joensuu.

You need an event permit issued by us if:

  • You are organizing a public event, park gymnastics or other public or private event on city-owned land.

Event permits are applied from -service and they can be applied for around the clock.

Do this:

  • Think about which event area you want to organize your event in. If necessary, ask us for views on event services.
  • Check the reservation status from Tilava Joensuu -premise booking site. If you wish, make a preliminary reservation via email: You cannot book directly from Tilava Joensuu itself.
  • Fill out event plan form 
  • Create an area map of your event.
  • Register as user of and log in.
  • Fill in the application carefully according to the instructions.
  • Attach an event plan and event area map to the application.
  • Check the application and submit it to the authorities.
  • You will be notified of the authority's decision by e-mail.

In large events, the processing time is 1 to 3 months. In small (for example, park gym classes) it is a good idea to set aside 2 weeks - 1 month for the event permit process.

Event permit application schedule

Joensuu events luvat

Other permissions

In addition to the event permit, the organizer must also make other notifications and applications to the regional authorities. The number of permits and notifications depends on the nature and size of the event. These can be:

  • Announcement of the public event to the police.
  • Rescue and safety plan.
  • Use of street areas and temporary traffic arrangements
  • Permits related to the preparation and sale of food.
  • Liquor and tobacco permits.
  • Noise notification and other permits related to the use of music (Teosto, Gramex)
  • Arranging fireworks.
  • Advertising permits.

Authority instructions for event organizers

Joensuu events luvat

Apply for an event permit

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